The 2020 Volvo S60 is a four-door sedan that takes safety and design as seriously as it does comfort. Enjoy the smooth and solid suspension that glides over rough surfaces with ease, eliminating fatigue after a long journey. The powerful engine adds quick response time when needed and provides steady power at highway speeds. Drivers will delight in a cabin that combines luxury features with the latest in convenience and safety technology. The S60 comes in four trim levels: the Momentum, Inscription, R-Design and eco-friendly Polestar.

Performance Highlights

All trims but the Polestar share an inline-4 engine design offering between 250 and 316 horsepower, depending on trim level, with a base of 258 pound-feet of torque. Mileage in the S60 hovers around 25 combined miles per gallon. All trims offer an eight-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and an auto-manual option. Most trims come with all-wheel drive, although there is a front-wheel drive alternative for both the Inscription and Momentum trims. An environmentally friendly 400-horsepower plug-in hybrid option is available from the T8 twin engine in the Polestar trim.

Exterior Design

There's a choice of nine exterior colors on the S60, all pairing well with the black and chrome embellishments found on the grille, door handles, exhaust pipes and alloy hubcaps. The door handles and front and rear bumpers match the exterior paint color. The streamlined shell of the vehicle offers subtle styling while maintaining optimal aerodynamic flow for added gas mileage. The side mirrors have an auto-dimming feature, a heated surface for winter driving and also integrate turn signals for added visibility. The wheels on all trims measure 18 inches in diameter.

Interior Style

The interior space offers a harmonious layout that keeps vital controls easily within the driver's reach. A choice between five neutral colors for the interior space allows drivers to coordinate with the exterior color scheme for added customizing. Bucket seating for front and rear passengers adds comfort for long or short journeys. Highly durable tweed insets pair with stitched leather for an attractive two-tone effect on the interior upholstery. The heated seats and steering wheel are a thoughtful touch for cold winter mornings. The trunk offers nearly 14 cubic feet of cargo space, perfect for several pieces of luggage or plenty of groceries.

Modern Technology

Volvo consistently leads the way in technology innovation, with the S60 as no exception. A nine-inch touchscreen allows instant access to vital information or trip-enhancing entertainment options and remains a design focal point on the dashboard. There are two USB ports to charge electronic devices and a proximity key that works for both doors and the trunk lid for added convenience. Use Volvo's Sensus Connect service to add a Wi-Fi option to the vehicle so all occupants have access to web-based entertainment options. Drivers can set a time duration for the license plate, parking and indicator lights to remain on that can be activated on approach using the key fob or kept on while reaching the safety of an interior space after exiting the vehicle.

Safety Features

Safety features focus on integrity of design while offering the full range of technology based driver assistance features that aid in accident avoidance. In the event of a collision, the S60 will brake automatically, tighten the seat belts and turn on the hazard lights. A suite of monitoring features takes advantage of onboard sensors and cameras to continually watch surrounding traffic, alerting the driver if it perceives an obstacle whether traveling at highway speeds or backing slowly into a parking space. The vehicle will also sound an alert if the driver strays from a lane, reducing accidents related to driver distraction or fatigue. Adaptive cruise control gives the driver a rest by automatically maintaining a safe distance from cars to the front and rear.

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