Brevard drivers are fortunate that it doesn't really get too cold, even in the winter—at least not to the point that affects our vehicles. However, temperatures are on their way up, and the summer heat will be here before you know it. Besides hotter temps, summertime also brings more travel opportunities for Melbourne and Palm Bay families. And that means now is an excellent time to prepare your Volvo for the season by addressing some spring maintenance items. Here are a few recommended auto services to consider before embarking on that long-awaited road trip.

  • Change the Oil: It may be the most common vehicle service item, but it's also the most vital for your Volvo's performance, efficiency, and longevity. Hotter temperatures are tougher on engine oil. So, go ahead and give your Volvo a fresh start by having the oil and filter changed.

  • Change Air Filters: In Florida, you can see that spring is in the air. That's because there's pollen everywhere. This isn't just bad for allergies; it can also fill up your Volvo's cabin air filter. Avoid unpleasant odors and ensure maximum airflow by changing it out.

  • Change Wiper Blades: Excess heat can cause wiper blades to stiffen and crack, limiting their effectiveness. Good wipers are essential if you're out and about when during afternoon showers. So, if your wiper blades look worn out, get them changed out to ensure maximum water clearance.

  • Test the Battery: As with engine oil, your Volvo's battery can be greatly affected by heat. High temperatures can cause your battery's liquids to evaporate, weakening its charge. Fortunately, quality batteries are pretty resilient and can last up to five years or more. However, you should have it tested once or twice annually after the three-year mark.

  • Check the A/C: Melbourne drivers know that when it's hot outside, the inside of your car can feel scorching. Your Volvo's air conditioning is essential to enjoying summertime drives. A properly functioning system needs to output 45 degrees or lower at the vent outlets to make a difference on a 90-degree day. If your A/C isn't as cold as you'd like, bring it in to be serviced by one of our Volvo-certified technicians.

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