Explore the Changes in the 2019 Volvo XC60

People desiring an opulent but smaller SUV prefer the Volvo XC60. The Volvo XC60 possesses all of the comfort, luxury and performance capability that larger vehicles provide. However, you cannot get a sufficient appreciation for all that the Volvo compact SUV offers until you see them in our Melbourne inventory.

Volvo provides potential XC60 owners with a choice of between three different models that vary in power, performance and luxury. The Momentum, R-Design and Inscription all boast Volvo's signature stylish body design. Gentle curves and sculpts create the overall style. The front of the vehicle boasts Volvo's signature Thor's Hammer headlights along with chrome accents found on each side, front and rear.

The LED head and tail lights save power while providing amazing brightness. The high beams switch on automatically when needed. The bending lights actually curve around corners for greater visibility. Learn more about the exterior, interior and technological features available on the XC60 at Volvo Cars Melbourne.



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