When to Have Your Transmission Flushed

"What is a transmission and why is it important?" you might ask your mechanic if they say it's time to have your transmission flushed. Maintaining your transmission fluids is an important part of keeping a transmission that will run well for years, but do you know exactly what it does?

The transmission is the part that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. Transmission fluids break down over time, and if the fluid in your transmission is no longer in the best shape, then your transmission could fail sooner than it should. To know when you should replace your transmission fluid, follow the manufacturers recommendations because the frequency with which you replace your fluids is partly dependent on make and model, as well as how much it is driven.

If it's time to have your transmission flushed, or if it's time for any other car repair, come to Volvo of Melbourne, and one of our automotive technicians will serve you.

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