Can Your Car Benefit From Synthetic Oil?

If we really want to maximize the performance and longevity of our car, we have to not only get frequent oil changes, but decide on the proper oil to use. To understand what synthetic oil is, we first need to delve into the composition of standard motor oils.

The composition of oil is made up of additives and a base oil. Base oil makes up most of the composition, and is made from either conventional oil or synthetic. Conventional oil is oil refined from crude oil, or unrefined petroleum. Synthetic oil is an oil that's been more chemically engineered for better use in a vehicle. To simplify it, conventional oil is more natural, while synthetic has been chemically altered to maximize its benefits.

Both oils have benefits for your car, and both oils can be mixed, but synthetic oil is been made specifically for better performance and protection. To see which oil is right for your car, come check us out. Visit Volvo of Melbourne to see what we can do for you.

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